We would like to get to know you – as a friend and as: 

  • TRAINEE ART The chosen one


    The chosen one (w/m/x)

    You are the one person in your clique of friends who “can do this Photoshop-thing”, so that you could create one of these “funny gift cards” for a “reeeeally good friend of mine who has a birthday next weekend”. And while you “just quickly cut out her head” and then “but without much effort please” put it on a “cat’s body because she loves cats so much”, you think: Dude, there must be more than that!


    Funny birthday cards. And:

    • First experiences in campaign development with the team
    • Support with the creation of layouts
    • Assistance in the preparation of customer presentations
    • Insights into the implementation of campaigns in all communication channels
    • A diverse customer portfolio


    This Photoshop-Thing. And:

    • Successfully completed studies or education in the field of graphics/design/artwork
    • First practical experience, internships or similar in the communication sector
    • Team player, no matter if w, m or x
    • Great interest in brand communication
    • Openness for new things
    • Good knowledge of the common Creative Suite programs


    Something creative. And:

    • A fantastic team
    • Opportunities to gain insights and participate
    • performance-based payment
    • An environment to improve your skills
    • Exciting and above all varied insights into agency life
    • The entry ticket to your professional career


    Hey, I heard you got that Word-Thing, too, right? Could you just write an little application for a second? But don’t work too hard, okay? Very nice of you. And then just send it here:


  • JUNIOR ART DIRECTOR Junior Godzilla (w/m/x)

    Biting down skyscrapers, tearing down bridges, wiping out New York: Redesigning the world the way you want it to be is just your thing – and soon you can do it even from your desk. Because you are a God in PS. A Zilla in Indesign. (And not this badly rendered nuclear frog who was cuddling with Jean Reno back then. No.) You’re the 2019 version. You’re a Hollywood star. The King of Monsters. With laser beams. Out of your mouth. And … oh … with a job application in your claw.


    Your new movie:

    • Collaboration in campaign development with the team
    • Implementation of the campaign in all communication channels
    • Multifaceted customer portfolio
    • Preparation of customer presentations
    • Presentation and coordination of creative ideas with your client


    Your superpowers:

    • Conceptual strength
    • Agency experience in a comparable position
    • Enthusiasm
    • Brand understanding
    • Presentation skills in German and English
    • Safe handling of the common Creative Suite programs


    Your salary:

    • A great team
    • Opportunities for participation
    • Performance-related payment
    • Very good development opportunities
    • Exciting and above all varying customers and projects


    You don’t just want to knock down skyscrapers with your claws, you want to knock out customers with your ideas? Yell over your application:

  • SENIOR STRATEGIST Senior-Know-Everything (w/m/x)

    Before writing an entertaining introduction that explains our intention to search for an experienced senior strategist, we would first have to ask an experienced senior strategist, what a particularly catchy insight we would have to address so that he or she can introduce himself or herself to us and solve these and other pressing questions as an experienced senior strategist.The current challenge is obvious, isn’t it? Well if you are the right one, we are looking forward to receiving your application.


    We are looking fora sparring partner and source of inspiration for clients, creation and consulting, who

    • analyzes the market, competitors and target groups
    • researches findings on consumer behavior, life settings and user habits
    • keeps an eye on trends in markets and target groups,
    • develops marketing and communication strategies,
    • plans and moderates workshops
    • and further develops and optimizes the strategy department at lvl


    What you have to bring to the table:

    • a successfully completed degree in communication science, psychology, sociology or similar
    • at least 5 years of professional experience in the strategy department of an agency
    • experience in managing teams
    • a good approach and empathy for clients
    • experience in customer management
    • a strong understanding of corporate and communication goals
    • strong analytical, conceptual and creative thinking


    What we have to offer:

    • a great team and a fun working environment
    • an active role in developing the agency further
    • performance-oriented payment
    • good development opportunities
    • exciting and above all a variety of customers and projects
    • mobility allowance
    • home office allowance


    The most important goal of this campaign is engagement. So: Engage yourself! With your application to



    In the beginning Arnold Schwarzenegger was also a trainee, followed by becoming Mister Universe, the Terminator and Governor of California. That’s exactly how it works at laut von leise. First you train your customer-biceps with telephone-powerlifts. This is followed by training on your first own projects over and over again. Finally it’s leg day – you’ll need that drill to climb the career ladder. And who knows what else awaits you afterwards, Arnie(ca).


    Your workout plan:

    • Gain experience in customer service and the development of presentations
    • Get insights of budget management and planning
    • Collaborate with the team for cost and accounting management
    • Work on ideas and concepts together with the creation team
    • Cooperate with external partner agencies and service providers
    • Find your sweet spots to build on


    Your strengths:

    • Completed business degree with focus on marketing / communication /media or comparable
    • Team player, no matter what
    • Interest in brand communication
    • No fear of direct customer contact
    • Openness towards new ideas
    • Good knowledge of Excel, Word and Powerpoint
    • English skills
    • 6 months of your time, even better 12 months
    • Positivity


    Your steroids:

    • A fantastic team
    • Opportunities to gain insights and participate
    • An environment to improve your skills
    • Exciting and above all varied insights into agency life
    • The entry ticket to your professional career


    Are you ready to lift off your career?

    Then apply to


    Imagine an anxious client trekking through the murky marketing jungle of campaign demands, hardened CEO opinions and brutal deadlines. Armed only with an unclear briefing. Yet he suddenly reaches a clearing – and finds you. You don’t waste a second, pounding towards him and mauling all of his doubts to shreds with the full force of your words and savage inspiration, because you are the king of the keyboard, the wrecker of rules, the prime predator on the prowl for creative excellence. You are the Tyrannosaurus Text.


    Aren’t you?


    Your hunting ground

    • Text creation
    • Development of concepts with the team
    • Presentation and coordination of creative ideas with your client


    Your territory

    • Agency experience in a similar position would be great
    • Brand communication experience
    • Confident presentation skills in German and English
    • Sound knowledge of Word and PowerPoint


    Your pack

    • A brilliant team
    • The opportunity to help shape what happens here
    • Performance-related pay
    • Very good opportunities to progress up the career ladder
    • Interesting and, above all, diverse clients and projects


    Are you the next Junior Tyrannosaurus Text? Perfect! We look forward to receiving your application at