We would like to get to know you – as a friend and as: 

  • TRAINEE ART The chosen one
    TRAINEE ART The chosen one (w/m/x) You are the one person in your clique of friends who "can do this Photoshop-thing", so that you could create one of these "funny gift cards" for a "reeeeally good friend of mine who has a birthday next weekend". And while you "just quickly cut out her head" and then "but without much effort please" put it on a "cat's body because she loves cats so much", you think: Dude, there must be more than that! True. Funny birthday cards. And:
    • First experiences in campaign development with the team
    • Support with the creation of layouts
    • Assistance in the preparation of customer presentations
    • Insights into the implementation of campaigns in all communication channels
    • A diverse customer portfolio
      This Photoshop-Thing. And:
    • Successfully completed studies or education in the field of graphics/design/artwork
    • First practical experience, internships or similar in the communication sector
    • Team player, no matter if w, m or x
    • Great interest in brand communication
    • Openness for new things
    • Good knowledge of the common Creative Suite programs
      Something creative. And:
    • A fantastic team
    • Opportunities to gain insights and participate
    • performance-based payment
    • An environment to improve your skills
    • Exciting and above all varied insights into agency life
    • The entry ticket to your professional career
      Hey, I heard you got that Word-Thing, too, right? Could you just write an little application for a second? But don't work too hard, okay? Very nice of you. And then just send it here:  
  • JUNIOR ART DIRECTOR Junior Godzilla (w/m/x)
    Junior Godzilla (w/m/x) JUNIOR ART DIRECTOR Biting down skyscrapers, tearing down bridges, wiping out New York: Redesigning the world the way you want it to be is just your thing - and soon you can do it even from your desk. Because you are a God in PS. A Zilla in Indesign. (And not this badly rendered nuclear frog who was cuddling with Jean Reno back then. No.) You're the 2019 version. You're a Hollywood star. The King of Monsters. With laser beams. Out of your mouth. And ... oh ... with a job application in your claw.   Your new movie:
    • Collaboration in campaign development with the team
    • Implementation of the campaign in all communication channels
    • Multifaceted customer portfolio
    • Preparation of customer presentations
    • Presentation and coordination of creative ideas with your client
      Your superpowers:
    • Conceptual strength
    • Agency experience in a comparable position
    • Enthusiasm
    • Brand understanding
    • Presentation skills in German and English
    • Safe handling of the common Creative Suite programs
      Your salary:
    • A great team
    • Opportunities for participation
    • Performance-related payment
    • Very good development opportunities
    • Exciting and above all varying customers and projects
      You don't just want to knock down skyscrapers with your claws, you want to knock out customers with your ideas? Yell over your application:
    TYRANNOSAURUS TEXT (w/m/x) JUNIOR COPYWRITER Imagine an anxious client trekking through the murky marketing jungle of campaign demands, hardened CEO opinions and brutal deadlines. Armed only with an unclear briefing. Yet he suddenly reaches a clearing – and finds you. You don't waste a second, pounding towards him and mauling all of his doubts to shreds with the full force of your words and savage inspiration, because you are the king of the keyboard, the wrecker of rules, the prime predator on the prowl for creative excellence. You are the Tyrannosaurus Text.   Aren't you?   Your hunting ground
    • Text creation
    • Development of concepts with the team
    • Presentation and coordination of creative ideas with your client
      Your territory
    • Agency experience in a similar position would be great
    • Brand communication experience
    • Confident presentation skills in German and English
    • Sound knowledge of Word and PowerPoint
      Your pack
    • A brilliant team
    • The opportunity to help shape what happens here
    • Performance-related pay
    • Very good opportunities to progress up the career ladder
    • Interesting and, above all, diverse clients and projects
      Are you the next Junior Tyrannosaurus Text? Perfect! We look forward to receiving your application at
    ONLINE MAGICIAN (w/m/x) What do Siegfried and Roy, Berlin’s thimblerigger gangs and Harry Potter all have in common? Correct: they all want to be like you.   That's because you are the master of getting people to click on the right button with your visual tricks. Your secret? You don't do it with your magic set, but with a genius design concept that guides glances, coaxes countless clicks and makes usability smoother than a Starnberg son-in-law.   Let the magic happen!  

    The show

    • Development and elaboration of user experience and user interface designs (websites and digital products)
    • Development of creative and previously unseenvisual ideas with the power to tear down walls in people’s minds
    • A visionary approach to design
    • Presentation and coordination of creative ideas with team and client

    Your skills

    • Several years’ experience and a real passion for UX/UI design
    • A good command of commonly used design and animation programs (e.g. Principle, Sketch, Adobe CC)
    • A general technical understanding of standard Web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS)
    • Team player
    • A generator of ideas for current trends and tools
    • Sense of adventure
    • Keen perception
    • Confident presentation skills in German and English


    • A brilliant team
    • A diverse range of tasks and the opportunity to work on your own initiative
    • The freedom to create your own ideas and grow as an individual
    • Very good opportunities to progress up the career ladder and help shape what happens here
    • Interesting digital projects for a wide range of clients
    • Performance-related pay
    • Flat organisational structure
      Is this exactly the job you've been looking for? Then you won't believe what happens when you click here.