TRAINEE ART The chosen one


The chosen one (w/m/x)

You are the one person in your clique of friends who “can do this Photoshop-thing”, so that you could create one of these “funny gift cards” for a “reeeeally good friend of mine who has a birthday next weekend”. And while you “just quickly cut out her head” and then “but without much effort please” put it on a “cat’s body because she loves cats so much”, you think: Dude, there must be more than that!


Funny birthday cards. And:


This Photoshop-Thing. And:


Something creative. And:


Hey, I heard you got that Word-Thing, too, right? Could you just write an little application for a second? But don’t work too hard, okay? Very nice of you. And then just send it here: hello@lautvonleise.de.